Ken Crombie is the Founder and CEO of Trapezium, a business oriented IT consulting firm.

A 28 year veteran of the IT industry on four continents, Ken's most recent international executive role was as Chief Information Officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers in China / Hong Kong with additional AsiaPacific and Global responsibilities, a position held for 13 years.

A pragmatic visionary, Ken has IT leadership experience in strategy & planning, business transformation, mergers & acquisitions, enterprise architecture, solutions development, security, business continuity and operations.

Trapezium provides independent professional advisory services to board members, c-suite executives and other business leaders who are seeking both to maximise the return on their IT investments and to strategically harness the full potential of emerging technologies and trends.

The key to unlocking significant IT enabled value is to more efficiently match desired business outcomes with the art of the possible at the business IT boundary. Everyone with a smartphone knows that the Technology has really already arrived. Smarter management of Information is now required to optimally shape business IT alignment.


  • Independent IT Advisor to the Board or Executive

    This service provides board members and c-suite executives with an independent perspective of strategic IT direction and its intrinsic value within the organisation

  • Troubleshooter for the Chief Information Officer

    This service provides busy CIOs and IT directors with a trusted and experienced adjunct to their own leadership, helping them to maintain momentum in challenging times.

  • Value Systems Enabler for Business Leaders

    This service provides business leaders with the knowledge and means to ensure that new business ideas become IT enabled solutions more efficiently.

  • Fractional CIO Services for Executives

    This service provides medium sized organisations with access to a virtual (part time) Chief Information Officer, thus leveraging international experience at a fraction of the cost.


Trapezium Limited

One International Finance Centre
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Central, Hong Kong

T: +852 2824 8300

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